Thursday, June 21, 2007


There's really no excuse, but I just can't get enough of these things.

A - Available or Single? Neither. I just am.

B - Best Friend? Robot Boy

C - Cake or Pie? Pecan pie

D - Drink of Choice? Ginger ale or apple juice

E - Essential Item? iPod

F - Favourite Colour? Black and pink

G - Gummi Bears or Worms? GUMMIBĂ„RCHEN

H - Hometown? Oz

I - Indulgence? Chocolate, America's Next Top Model.

J - January or February? January

K - Kids? HEEEEELL nah

L - Life is incomplete without… My iPod, my guitar, and the internet

M - Marriage Date? HEEEELL nah

N - Number of Siblings? 1

O - Oranges or Apples? Granny Smiths

P - Phobias/Fears? Certain bugs.

Q - Favourite Quote. "I might repeat to myself slowly and soothingly, a list of quotations beautiful from minds profound - if I can remember any of the damn things." Dorothy Parker

R - Reasons to smile. Shaking a hip belt really hard. Muting a power chord perfectly. Hitting a high D.

S - Season? Winter

T - Tag Three. Uh...Glow?

U - Unknown Fact About Me. I was in ballet half my life

V – Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals? Opressor

W - Worst Habit? Procrastination

X – X-rays or Ultrasounds? Ultrasound

Y - Your Favourite Foods? Waaay too many to list here

Z - Zodiac? Capricorn

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Rocker said...

Composite Creature

With great sadness I must inform the readers of this blog the following news!

From a reliable source that knew Composite Creature reports that she was killed in a car accident outside of a popular night club near her home. She was killed instantly along with a friend of hers. Thus the reason for no further activity by Composite Creature on her blog page.

R.I.P. Composite Creature - We will never forget you!