Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mexico decides women are human, Catholics complain

So, recently, the Mexican government passed a motion that would allow women to have an induced, non-therapeutic abortion in the first trimester, and reduce sentences for women who have abortions after the first trimester. In a predominantly Catholic country, to have the goverment recognizing women as human beings and forced pregnancy an affront to human dignity is pretty effing huge. I mean, here in Nicaragua, women have died after being denied therapeutic abortion. Not to mention all the pregnant pre-pubescent victims of child abuse who don't even get the comfort of knowing that they won't have to carry around their rapist's DNA.

I find it hilarious that the religious right get so worked up about how wrong it is to 'end an innocent life' (to the point where Ratzinger compared abortion to terrorism), but see nothing wrong with making death threats directed at the children of the legislators who approved the decriminalization:

For those who can't read Spanish, the fellow in the fetching skull mask (personification of death, Mexican day of the Dead, yada yada yada) is holding up a sign reading 'Pro abortists [sic]: The future of your children'.


In addition, these 'pro-lifers' showed so little regard for the lives of the people around them, that four hundred members of D.F.'s riot squad had to be called in to control the hordes of violent fundamentalists.

Although the hypocrisy of organized religion is already well known to the experienced patriarchy-blamer, this manifestation was so blatant, that I felt it deserved its own post. Suck it. Or if you like, suck on the sugar fetuses (fetii?) so lovingly prepared by the Mexican fundies. Apparently they felt this was a good way to be taken seriously.

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