Sunday, May 13, 2007

Why I don't read comics:

Not two minutes after putting up my last post, this picture was brought to my attention:

The oh-so-virile, musclebound hero stands protectively in front of his chattel: a withered, unfuckable crone whose only function is to nourish and serve males; and a nubile, pornalicious young orifice-on-legs (drawn to conform with the geekly fantastical standards to which the female body is subjected in comic books), who functions as a fuckable servant. Forget personality or even free will, they are nothing more than accessories, adornments of our hero's manly heroness.

How do you sleep, Mr. Lee?

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Rocker said...

Composite Creature

With great sadness I must inform the readers of this blog the following news!

From a reliable source that knew Composite Creature reports that she was killed in a car accident outside of a popular night club near her home. She was killed instantly along with a friend of hers. Thus the reason for no further activity by Composite Creature on her blog page.

R.I.P. Composite Creature - We will never forget you!